How to Don a Derby Hat

This Saturday, May 7, marks the 142nd running of the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs in Louisville. It’s a minor holiday at our house, complete with bourbon cocktails and a Southern menu at dinner. Besides mint juleps and “My Old Kentucky Home,” what else do you commonly associate with “the run for the roses”? I’ll

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Horsing Around

People often talk about bucket lists – that is, things we want to do before we’re, well, dead. Yours might be to climb Machu Picchu, restore an MGB or go on a cattle drive a la Billy Crystal in City Slickers. My own bucket list includes learning to surf and playing polo.

Lows and Highs

The street talk has been of how low oil prices may negatively affect the real estate market in River Oaks, especially at the high-end. There was even an alarmist article with that implication in late-February published by Reuters and since then picked up by other media. However, the article was lazily researched and rather misleading.

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