Marketing your River Oaks property effectively

Marketing Your Property Effectively

The essence of good real estate marketing always lies in understanding people – our audience of buyers and their agents – and providing them with information that attracts their interest and motivates them to take action. We do this by using:

  • Custom-tailored marketing plans based on a timeline to the point of sale and through to closing
  • Our exclusive database of agents’ showing activity for the last five years, providing direct access to agents who have been showing buyers in our market
  • The most comprehensive and up-to-date list of River Oaks residents
  • A comprehensive contact list of interior designers, architects and art dealers – people who often know who the potential buyers are
  • One-on-one networking with other agents in our market
  • Customized e-marketing to agents and buyers in our market – as opposed to mass emailing
  • Advisory services for getting your property in showcase condition (and staging services if recommended)
  • In-depth marketing reports, including specific supply-and-demand conditions, market trends, web-marketing analysis, market-showing activity, new contract activity and near-term outlook