Editor’s note: We reached back into our My Table magazine archives to find this Houston restaurant trivia quiz. We offer it as a brief summer distraction from the churning River Oaks real estate market.

How much do you know about Houston restaurants? Here’s a stroll down memory lane to test your knowledge. It’s just for fun — to spark a little reminiscing and to celebrate the restaurants that have given us so much dining-out pleasure over the years. Answers are at the bottom. Bon appétit!

1. What was the late Jim Goode’s profession before he went into the barbecue business?
A) landscape architect
B) geologist
C) advertising art director

2. What famous residential architect designed the building that houses Brennan’s?
A) John Staub
B) Birdsall Briscoe
C) William Ward Watkin

brennans of houston building

3. What now-deceased1960s recording artist lent his name to a 1980s Houston restaurant on Woodway Drive?
A) Sonny Bono
B) Jimi Hendrix
C) Frank Zappa

4. What Houston restaurateur often loaned diners his own sports coat to meet the dress code at his steakhouse?
A) Tony Vallone
B) Sonny Look
C) Bud Bigelow

5. Where downtown did Tom and James Papadakis open their first James Coney Island in 1923?
A) 517 Louisiana
B) 3300 Smith St.
C) 1011 Walker

6. Trader Vic’s was once a popular Polynesian restaurant housed inside …
A) the Shamrock Hotel
B) the Astrodome
C) the Galleria

7. Name the remarkable “health food” restaurant that once was on the fourth floor of the Scurlock Tower in the Texas Medical Center.
A) A Moveable Feast
B) Ziggy’s Healthy Grill
C) Chez Eddy

8. What local restaurant is generally credited with introducing fish tacos to Houston?
A) Chuy’s
B) Berryhill Hot Tamales
C) Los Tios

9. What Houston restaurant hung a sign declaring, “Through this portal pass the finest oil field trash in the world”?
A) Maxim’s
B) Cleburne Cafeteria
C) Ruth’s Chris Steak House

10. Which iconic Houston chef appeared as a guest on Julia Child’s Master Chefs program in 1994?
A) Robert Del Grande
B) Mark Cox
C) Michael Cordúa


  1. C
  2. A
  3. A
  4. B
  5. C
  6. A
  7. C
  8. B
  9. C
  10. A