Ask the Agents #6: Curb Appeal & Bee-friendly Gardens

Question: I understand the concept of curb appeal, but I don’t want to spend the money to have my house entirely repainted. What else can I do to make it look good?
Answer: You know what they say about getting just one chance to make a first impression, right? Curb appeal is very important. It’s the first step to finding a buyer for your home.

Begin with your front door. Paint or refinish it. And while you’re at it, clean and polish the hardware. If your door is in truly poor shape, replace it altogether. Buy new house numbers. If your porch lights are old or broken, replace them.

Power-wash the front porch, walkway and driveway. Paint the shutters. Upgrade your mailbox.

Add a bench or porch swing and create a seating area with potted plants. If window boxes suit your home’s style, add some. Freshen up the garden with plants and mulch. Plant a tree or two. Most important of all, keep your lawn mowed and trimmed while your house is on the market.

Question: I’ve resolved this year to make my Houston garden more attractive to pollinators, such as bees and butterflies. Where should I start?
Answer: We’re glad you asked. About two years ago, local beekeeper Nicole Buergers wrote an article for our blog on this very subject. As the days begin to lengthen and warm and you begin to plan updates to your garden, it’s worth re-reading her advice. Click here.

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