By the Numbers

We customarily use our mid-March market update as an opportunity to look back at the activity so far since the new year, using some commentary about market conditions, with a few statistics thrown in.

For this month’s River Oaks Letter we are going to switch things around, focusing on the numbers, which paint a very clear picture, with limited commentary. Because how many times can one lament the slim pickings and cry out for more inventory?

We thought it would be fun to compare the 2020, 2021 and 2022 markets at mid-March. They have been very different years.

Early 2020 marked the great holding of our collective breath as COVID swept through. In 2021 we saw the start of a record-shattering year for River Oaks real estate (for a copy of our ROMR report that summarizes 2021, click here). And 2022, so far, has been characterized by — you guessed it — a state of inventory of lamentable paucity (see last month’s ROH Letter).

Here are the numbers:

Any questions?