Some of Our Favorite Kitchens

Guests always seem to congregate in the kitchen, right? Even if you set up the party buffet and bar in other rooms, people wander into the kitchen. And they often stay there all evening. Is it the messy informality of the kitchen? Do some shy guests need a place to hide out of the spotlight? Or do people just like to lean against a counter and not worry about putting a glass down? (Not to mention being first in line for anything tasty coming out of the oven.)

There are many books devoted to the science, sociology and architecture of the modern kitchen, including The Food Axis by Elizabeth Cromley and The Perfect Kitchen by Barbara Sallick. As real estate agents, we have long known that the kitchen is the make-or-break room of any sale. We see many fabulous kitchens and thought you’d like to see a few, too. These are all from our current and recently sold listings.