The market in River Oaks took off like a shot, even before the starter’s signal marked the beginning of the new year.

The week between Christmas and New Year’s Day was not just busy with the usual logjam of closings ahead of the year end, but showings and negotiations were also already well underway.

Some of this activity was thanks to the market stall that occurred for about six weeks starting at the end of September 2019. That weird slow-down engendered quite a bit of pent-up home-buying energy

As January got going it has become clear that the River Oaks real estate market has had one eye on the stock market, which has continued to climb despite the fact that the pyrotechnics on the world stage continued well past New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Want details? Teresa and I are putting together our bi-annual River Oaks Market Report over the coming days, in which we will tell you:

  • What happened in 2019 and how it compared with the record-breaking 2018
  • How 2019’s final quarter stacked up
  • What was selling and what was just sitting
  • What the spec builders have been up to
  • Where were the buyers coming from and where have the sellers moved to
  • What were the buyers looking for and how they paid for it
  • What are the new trends in design and decor

Most important, what is the outlook for 2020?