Working with us

River Oaks Houston & Greenwood King Properties

On a good day, residential real estate marketing can be one of the most interesting ways to earn a living. There is always plenty of variety, not to mention creative challenges, fascinating people and, ultimately, a satisfying conclusion.

In Houston, buying and selling property reaches its zenith in River Oaks, where homes are often stunning … with prices to match. It is the most intensive level of residential real estate. And it’s an area that requires a greater range of skills than ever before. We are the chain that links your property, advertising, sales promotion, persuasion, negotiation and successful closure.

We get your property noticed by those who matter through a combination of marketing savvy, smart ideas, contacts, years of practice and hard work. Sometimes we do it by being noisy and colorful; at other times we are subtle and discreet. We help sellers by being strategic and advisory, sophisticated in our use of communications and marketing techniques.

The essence of good real estate marketing always lies in understanding people – our audience of buyers and their agents – and providing them with information that attracts their interest and motivates them to take action.